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​​J. Adams: 'A great read. A story that grips you throughout to a stunning conclusion. The characters are well developed the story wrapping around them. A really cracking first book, looking forward to the next!'

Y. Wickens: 'A fantastic book. Hard to believe that it is a first novel. Amazing characters,gripping story line that has you enthralled to turn the page. Completely had me wanting to read more. Hence I finished the book in two days. Would highly recommend this book. I look forward to seeing the new novel very soon. 5 stars from me.'

R. D. Ramsey is a former police detective who has always had a penchant for the macabre. This, coupled with years of policing experience, served to spark a fertile imagination and led to the creation of debut novel, Sweet Oblivion. The novel was written over three years as R. D. Ramsey worked in a busy CID department and also studied a degree in psychology. This background in psychology helped Ramsey shape the characters, especially the book's killer, whose traumatic childhood goes someway to explaining the killer's evolution.

Before becoming a police officer, R. D. Ramsey worked as a writer and contributing editor for a business magazine in Thailand. R.D. Ramsey currently resides in West Sussex and is working on a second novel.​​


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