R. D...Ramsey



The Book

When the mutilated body is found in a London hotel, DC Elizabeth Lane recognises the hallmarks of a serial killer in the making. Sure enough, more deaths quickly follow, each as macabre and disturbing as the first. The police know they need to catch this killer - fast.

DC Lane and her colleagues find themselves lead into a lurid world of sadomasochism and bondage sex in which people assume different identities and enact their wildest fantasies; it is within this realm of anonymity that the killer finds a pool of submissive victims.

As the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, DC Lane doesn’t want to believe that the killer is in fact known to her, bringing her own investigative abilities into question. Determined to apprehend the killer and assuage her perceived failings, she pursues her own unofficial enquiry – an enquiry that will bring her into direct contact with the killer and mortal danger.

J. Brown: An excellent thriller!!! I found the pace brilliant from the very opening lines. The story line was excellent, tragedy from both perspectives - the innocent victims and the perpetrator. It is rarely the case in a thriller that we are drawn to sympathy for the tormented soul who is the killer!! Great character inventions. Truly a great book, never flagged, suspenseful and a fantastic conclusion!!!